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Lewitt LCT 640 TS -The Ultimate FET Studio Microphone


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  • 1″ multi-pattern studio condenser microphone
  • Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound
  • Revolutionary Dual Output Mode
  • POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern after the fact
  • Stereo capabilities


Your two-output mic for endless possibilities.

Its full, crisp, yet well-balanced sound works on any source. Use the Dual Output Mode to record on a stereo track.
Now you can create any polar pattern in the mix with our POLARIZER plugin, even after recording. Of course, it also plays in the top league if you use it in a classic way – no matter what you record.
The high-end components and cutting-edge design join forces to redefine your recording experience.




High flexibility

Let’s call it the Swiss army knife of studio mics.

One microphone for precise vocal and instrument recording. The LCT 640 TS works as a traditional multi-pattern microphone, a stereo microphone, and a mic that can change the polar pattern after the fact.
Whatever you record with the LCT 640 TS, it sounds incredibly detailed. Your vocals sound larger-than-life, your instruments full and vibrant.



Revolutionary Dual Output Mode

What’s the Dual Output Mode?
It changes the way we think about the recording process. To give you more freedom, the LCT 640 TS features a Dual Output Mode. Engage it, and you’ll send the front and the back of the capsule’s diaphragm to two individual outputs.
This allows for stereo recording and changing the polar pattern after the fact.
Do this in your DAW with our POLARIZER plugin. Sounds complicated? It isn’t!



POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern in the mix

You can adjust the polar pattern after the fact.
You can conveniently change and fine-tune your material recorded via Dual Output Mode.
We created a plugin, called the POLARIZER. It allows to set the polar pattern dynamically.
Now you can add or subtract room sound in post-production during mixing. By automating the POLARIZER, you can even create unique mixes and effects.


Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound

It puts a spotlight on the natural sound.

You want a microphone that highlights the natural character of your source?
The LCT 640 TS features a premium-built 1” true condenser capsule providing the renowned LEWITT sound – crisp and full-bodied. It’s this unique combination that you can’t find with other microphone brands.

Perfect Match Technology

The same sensitivity in every microphone.

Every single LCT 640 TS undergoes a series of measurements followed by adjustment of polarization voltage to achieve the same sensitivity in every microphone. It is what we call our Perfect Match Technology.
If you add more LCT 640 TS to your collection, you can use any two of them as a stereo pair.
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