MEINL Cymbals HCS Super Cymbal Set (HCS-SCS) 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, 18” Crash, 16” China, and a 10” Splash


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  • 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 20″ Ride Cymbal
  • 16″ Crash Cymbal
  • 18″ Crash Cymbal
  • 16″ China Cymbal
  • 10″ Splash Cymbal
  • EXTENSIVE SET UP: The Meinl HCS Super Set includes a 14″ hi hat pair, 20″ ride, 16″ crash, 18″ crash, 16″ china, and a 10″ splash. This full range of standard cymbal types and sizes contains the basics to a drum set up with added effect cymbals to dial-in serious sounds.
  • DURABLE BRASS ALLOY CRAFTED IN GERMANY: The HCS line from Meinl has a responsive touch with an unmatched sound quality in this range. With bright and resounding musicality, these brass alloy cymbals stand up to the brunt of drum sticks while maintaining their tone.
  • TEST OUT DIFFERENT ARRANGEMENTS: Take your practice and performance to a new level of creativity and inspiration while experimenting with new cymbal positions on your kit. There are numerous set up options to start finding your own personal sound and look on the drums.
  • PERFECT FOR PLAYERS: The Meinl HCS series contains almost all cymbal types found in professional set ups. From crisp sounding hi-hats, to shimmering rides and crashes to effect cymbals like trash crashes, china’s, splashes, and bells, any musical idea or style is within reach.
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